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Repair C Drive Backup

Do you know How to repair C drive backup? This type of query mostly comes in user mind after backup files corrupted
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Repair C Drive Backup
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7 November 2013

Editor's review

Microsoft proprietary BKF format is associated with NTBackup utility that is used to back up files in many of the Windows existing OS platforms including Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000. Now, it does not require a high level IQ to assume how important it is to store back ups of your most important files. Thanks to the NTBackup feature in Windows, for addressing this issue quite effectively for over a long period of time now. However, sometimes, due to a number of possible reasons such as a corruption in the registry, the BKF files in a system can also suffer from a crash. As one can ideally guess, the situation could possess an immense threat to the user, and it demands a program which can effectively recover these precious BKF files without letting the user go through the agony of losing all his important data back ups. Repair C Drive Back up 5.2 is such software that uses a sophisticated, new age technology in order to recover your BKF files with utmost efficiency.

Upon being launched, the Repair C Drive Backup 5.2 opens with a decent looking interface with all the important controls located at the top of the Window. The advanced Quick Recovery and Deep Recovery features that the program includes, allows you to get back all your lost data within a very short span of time. Not only this, the product also features a number of other exciting components such as the Partial Scan, which can be used to divide a massive BKF database and recover only selected portions from it according to the need of the user. The product is compatible with almost all of the leading operating system platform in the Windows including Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 7 as well as with Windows Vista.

All in all, it will be fair to say that the Repair C Drive Backup does a pretty decent job in making your computing experience and data storage a lot safer than it was before. Hence it gets a score of four rating points n the scale of five.

Publisher's description

When you want to repair C Drive backup database but ntbackup or VERITAS utility fail to take backup of C drive. Then use third party BKF repair tool which is one of the best application available in software market and easily recover corrupt C drive backup database. The BKF repair tool has more powerful scan features such as quick scan, deep scan and partial scan. Using this feature you can divide huge sized of BKF database into different section to recover backup files according to your need. Backup recovery tool of SysTools is successfully supports all presently available Windows Operating System like: 98, ME, NT, Vista and Win 7. Get the free evaluation version to try the software at free of cost which can be easily downloaded from our website. Full version of BKF Repair tool has been available at just $89.
Repair C Drive Backup
Repair C Drive Backup
Version 5.7
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